About Phodera

About Phodera
April 29, 2022 admin
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Phodera Armory is a Texas-Based Manufacturer of Precision Suppressors for Precision Rifles.

“E=mc2”  Phodera uses proprietary materials and we incorporate the Laws of Math & Physics to produce a suppressor that will serve you a lifetime.

Welcome to Phodera Silencers.

“For the Purist” We use direct-thread design for maximum accuracy.

Phodera Suppressors are Caliber-Specific, designed and built for optimum Performance, Endurance and specifically, Accuracy.

Our suppressors are the result of a 5th Generation Gunsmith’s commitment to bring to market the best overall suppressor he could. Battle tested and proven over decades of use. Torture-Tested to meet the rigorous and brutal elements, proven nearly indestructible. These tools have been in the market in Europe for the last 25years, where suppression is “normal” and hearing protection is mandatory. Our suppressors are currently in use all over the world and have been Proudly Manufactured in Texas the last decade.

What you will experience with our Suppressors:

  • Sound Suppression
  • Flash elimination
  • Felt Recoil Reduction
  • Signature Elimination
  • Much improved Accuracy
  • Higher duty cycle
  • Maintenance-Free.

30+ years of sales, concentrating in European markets Since early 1990s.