Over 30 years of PHODERA design and testing proves, to achieve the best performance for each rifle, we must design the suppressor to match the gases and shooting pressures in each caliber range, or caliber matching. PHODERA caliber matched suppressors shoot with less blow back, less felt recoil, and industry leading performance.

PHODERA addressed several concerns when we designed our suppressors; Manage Heat, suppress sound, Manage Felt Recoil, Manage Muzzle rise, Improve Accuracy, Manage/Eliminate Flash, Increase Duty Cycle, and do it all without maintenance requirements. Yes, you can use our suppressors across many calibers, but to achieve peak performance, matching the suppressor to one rifle is best execution of suppressor technology.

We never set out to make the lightest Suppressor, but we did set out to make the toughest. PHODERA Suppressors are the perfect balance of those attributes in high serviceability and nearly indestructible package. We also decided not to weld the components together or use metals which have dissimilar heat expansion rates that lead to inconsistent thermal dissipation properties, tolerances, and performance.

Phodera suppressor assembly


PHODERA utilizes 416SS and 7075 Aluminum in our design. These metals are extremely durable and have high workability and run significantly cooler surface temps than Ti cans (recent independent testing shows more than 300+ degrees cooler under mag dumps). Less heat = less mirage, less concern about cool down and burn. They have similar operation properties and are easy to maintain while being highly impact resistant and highly corrosion resistant. Our original Suppressor design is still in use with more than 80,000 rounds of performance to date.

Why not use trendy materials like Titanium? Titanium is notoriously difficult to weld and studies show that because of its high melting temperature and reactivity with air which causes oxidization, welding titanium is highly temperamental and any mistakes made during welding can cause warping or cracking of the material, meaning reduction in performance. 90% of the worlds Titanium is produced in China.

PHODERA Suppressors use 100% USA Sourced Metals and are 100% TEXAS MADE!!!

Not new, Just Better from Texas.

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