Silencer/Suppressor Features

Silencer/Suppressor Features
June 29, 2023 admin
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Noise Suppression

Suppressors and Silencers can abate noise levels by as much as 80% (depending on caliber, size and action type) making hearing protection optional.


Accuracy of the gun is enhanced due to dampening of barrel harmonics, gas management and other factors. Noise Suppression and recoil reduction allow the shooter to concentrate on his technique also improving accuracy

Recoil Reduction

Recoil is greatly reduced on large calibers enabling a pleasant and comfortable shooting experience

Maintenance-free Design

Due to our unique design, loose residue is blown out of the suppressor with each shot resulting in a maintenance-free suppressor. Must use clean high-quality ammunition.

Muzzle Flash

On most calibers, muzzle flash is virtually eliminated. The shooter is not blinded after the first and subsequent night shot.

Second Shot Capability

By reducing or eliminating muzzle jump, the shooter can see the first shot impact

keep on target for a quick second shot if needed

Size does matter.

Larger size and the weight gain over other smaller-lighter silencers, allows for proper volume-gas expansion, letting our suppressors operate at moderate pressures with  Accuracy, Efficiency, Reliability all while reducing sound.